While Astros lose, Martinez shines

While Astros lose, Martinez shines
May 15, 2013, 12:00 am
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(Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

The Astros have not had very much success against Detroit this season. After Tuesday's 6-2 loss at Comerica Park, they've fallen to the Tigers in all six games they've played this season.

While the Astros haven't been able to find much to hang their hats on in those games, J.D. Martinez has steadily shown he wants to be a mainstay in the new-look outfield.

Over the past two games in Detroit, Martinez has gone 4-for-7 with three doubles and an RBI. His .242 season average is not indicative of the strides being made by the 25-year old left fielder. It hasn't just been his bat that has seen progression either.

Martinez made a great catch during the second inning in the first game vs. Detroit. Don Kelly hit a shallow fly ball to left, which Martinez caught in stride. He then made a heads-up play to first, gunning out the speedy Jhonny Peralta.

He's making his presence known in more ways than one, and earning himself the opportunity to stay out in left field.

“I'm just happy that I'm getting the opportunity now.” Martinez said before Tuesday's game. “(They're) showing some faith in me, some faith in us, to go out there and see what we can do … it's pretty exciting.”

Martinez and the Astros will play the Tigers again on Wednesday at 12:05 p.m. in the series finale on CSN.