JJ Watt


This week, Texans reporter Dave Zangaro will take a look at five candidates who might have a chance to break out in 2014.


J.J. Watt is a terror on the football field and looks about the same on an ice rink.


It's going to be a full house at Constellation Field on May 2.

That's the day of J.J. Watt's charity softball game. And for the second straight year, the event has sold out.


It was late at night. Really late. Actually, it was early in the morning of Feb. 2, 2004, the day after the Patriots beat the Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII at Reliant Stadium.


Duane Brown and J.J. Watt won't face off in the Pro Bowl.

Instead, Brown was selected by Watt, who is a captain on Deion Sanders' team.