Francisco Garcia


With home court advantage already locked up, the Houston Rockets rested the majority of the players in the rotation, and lose their season-finale, 105-100 to New Orleans.


For the first time in their last nine games, the Rockets will have Dwight Howard and Pat Beverley back in the starting lineup, when they host the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday night.


In order to beat the Thunder – a feat they failed to accomplish three times before Friday night this season even with Dwight Howard – the Rockets were going to need a huge performance from James H


The Rockets had their 2013 playoffs end at the hands of Oklahoma City at Toyota Center with a game six loss in the opening round.


The Rockets held Kevin Durant to just 28 points on Friday night.

Just 28 points? Twenty-eight points! Isn’t that a lot?

Well, yeah. Normally it is.