Dynamo duo launch Banded Brigade Outdoors

Dynamo duo launch Banded Brigade Outdoors
April 3, 2013, 5:45 pm
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Davis and Hall on Banded Brigade Outdoors

The Houston Dynamo are known for giving back to the community through Dynamo Charities.

Midfielder Brad Davis started an initiative under this umbrella called Brad’s Brigade, hosting military members at games and Military Appreciation Nights.

“For me who grew up in a military family, I’ve been a supporter of the military my entire life,” Davis said. “My best friend is my cousin, and back in 2006 he was hit by an IED while serving in Iraq. It was one of those moments that changes your life.”

Because of overwhelming support over the years, Davis has teamed up with goalkeeper Tally Hall and Budweiser to take that campaign to a different level.

The Dynamo duo has officially launched a non-profit organization called Banded Brigade Outdoors. Its mission: to provide therapeutic outdoor activities for military members.

“We wanted something that was all-inclusive, where you didn’t have to be injured, you didn’t have to be healthy, you didn’t have to have PTSD, it wasn’t unique in what qualifies you except for that the fact that you served our country,” Hall said.

“We’re able to take injured or disabled veterans, active duty military, their families on hunting or fishing trips or any type of outdoor activities that they would like to do – we’re willing to facilitate that. We have wheelchairs that can go out into the woods and we have apparatuses that help these guys hold guns and shoot. We have all these machines to help them do these things.”

This cause was a no-brainer for Davis and Hall.

“For me and Tally, this is something we believe in,” Davis said.  “We love to hunt and we love our military. We aren’t going to put our names on something just to do something. This is something I feel like we will be very successful at. We’re very passionate about both things and being to combine them was the perfect combination.”

“I think it’s a unique platform for us to build this charity,” Hall said. “We had a good thing going with the Dynamo. Brad and I started talking and asked how can we have the most impact not just as Dynamo players, but as supporters of our military and as Americans.”

“We are very proud of them as an organization,” Dynamo president Chris Canetti said. “They really set the bar high, and they set great examples for us in the front office and the rest of their teammates and do a great job in leading the community.”

It’s a community in which so many lives have already been touched.

“I know these guys are very thankful,” Davis said. “I know these trips are extremely therapeutic getting these guys out of the hospital, just out in the outdoors with some other gentlemen that have the same things, injuries as they do. It’s not the easiest thing to talk about, so to get them together in a hunting camp situation or on a fishing trip really allows them to open up and just gets them back into the groove of life again.”

But it’s Davis and Hall who are even more humbled by the men and women who have sacrificed so much.

“Being involved in these hunts is one of the most rewarding things that I have done in my life – it truly is,” Davis said.

Of course these special trips always stir up their emotions.

“Excitement, pride,” Davis said. “To see somebody sitting in a wheelchair that’s completely paralyzed or has an amputation with a smile on their face and saying thank you for doing this and letting them come out and be a part of this and saying they had a blast, that’s why we do it. These folks have given their lives to this great nation to protect us and protect our freedoms.”

And it’s perhaps these words from a Banded Brigade Outdoors board member, also on the top of each page of the organization's website, that best sum up Davis’ and Hall’s motivation.  

“It is always humbling to see tragedy that is completely ignored by the choice of triumph," board member Jared Langham said.

“Those words could not be anymore imminent in what we do and what these guys have done and gone through,” Davis said.

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