Q: Where can I watch Comcast SportsNet?
A: What TV provider do you use?

  • Comcast Cable (channels 39/639 in the Houston area, 86/1688 in Houma, La Place, Monroe and Shreveport, Lou., 269/1687 in Little Rock, Ark.).
  • EnTouch (channels 73/473 in the Houston area).
  • Coastal Link (channels 31/131 in Brazoria County, Texas). 
  • Phonoscope (channels 35/293 in the Houston area).
  • Consolidated Communications (channel 42/723 in the Houston area).
  • Fans with other TV services should visit IWantCSNHouston.com for the latest distribution developments and to tell their cable, satellite or telco TV provider to add Comcast SportsNet to their channel lineup.  Follow Comcast SportsNet Houston on Twitter: @CSNHouston for the latest news and information about the network.

Q: So if I don’t have Comcast Cable I can’t watch the network?
A: The network is not limited to Comcast Cable customers.

Q: You didn’t answer my question. Only Comcast Cable customers can watch the network?  
Right now, if you don’t have one of the TV providers listed above, you can’t watch the network. We encourage you to call 1-800-4CSNHOUSTON or  visit IWantCSNHouston.com to let your provider know you want the network.

Q: Can I get the network where I live?
A: Comcast SportsNet Houston’s broadcast region includes all areas that previously saw Astros and Rockets games; Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico.

Q: Why can’t I watch the games? What the heck is going on?
A: As a new regional sports network, we are proud of our product and want as many people to see our coverage as possible. Negotiations will all TV providers remains our top priority. We're fans too and we understand your frustration, and that's why we are working hard to strike deals with all the carriers.

Q: You should have worked out the deals before launching the network. You had two years.
A: You are correct in noting the formation of the network was announced in October 2010. We became fully operational and signed on with our first broadcast on Oct. 1, 2012. TV providers typically won't negotiate carriage agreements for networks that haven't launched yet, even for networks with as much demand as ours.

Q: I’ve filled out the online petition and have called my provider several times. Stop using the fans as leverage and get a deal done.
Consumers have a voice in the process and cable and satellite companies know every fan counts. We appreciate you taking your time to let your provider know you want Comcast SportsNet Houston.

Q: I heard my TV provider isn’t carrying the network because you guys are charging too much.
A: Consistent with media industry standards, carriage terms between networks and cable/satellite companies are not disclosed for competitive reasons. We are seeking equitable terms from all TV providers that reflect Comcast SportsNet Houston’s value including Rockets and Astros games, live college and high school sports, and the region’s most comprehensive local sports news and analysis.

Q: Are my cable rates going to go up?
A: Your TV provider sets retail rates.

Q: What level of service will you be on?  How come you won’t let TV providers carry you on a sports tier if that will help get a deal done.
A: We expect Comcast SportsNet to be available on TV packages comparable to ‘expanded basic’ from cable/satellite companies. This level of distribution is consistent with how regional sports networks are carried across the country, including regional sports networks owned by other leading TV providers like DirecTV and Time Warner Cable.  Hometown sports are a part of a community’s cultural fabric and should be widely available.

Q: Can I watch games online?
A: Online streaming of games (MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, etc.) is subject to MLB and NBA blackout restrictions and will be the same as offered in previous seasons.

Q: Do you know if any bars or restaurants are showing the games?
A: This is by no means a full list, and we can’t be sure these places will have the games on, but you can start here.