Places you'll find Johnny Manziel this spring

Places you'll find Johnny Manziel this spring
February 19, 2013, 3:30 pm
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Now we understand how Johnny Manziel has been spotted at various sporting events and parties since winning the Heisman Trophy, he’s got no reason to stay in College Station.

Since Johnny Football is taking online classes this spring we can only guess where the quarterback will appear in the coming months. Knowing Johnny Football’s growing reputation for landing at the biggest sporting events and best parties, we thought we’d take a stab at his itinerary through the spring semester.

This weekend is going to be a big one for Johnny Football.

February 24 – Daytona, Florida - Manziel will wave the green flag, starting the Daytona 500, winking at Danica Patrick, who has the pole position, as she drives by.

Also February 24 – Hollywood, California – Manziel will walk the red carpet at the Oscars, getting the loudest cheers of any celebrity at the event. During the show, Manziel will be awarded a special Oscar for Lifetime Achievement. The first time it’s been given to a teenager.

March 1 – Vatican City – After first refusing to serve as Pope (conflicts with football season) , Manziel provides counsel to the College of Cardinals on selecting replacement for Pope Benedict.  

March 15 – Cabo San Lucas, Mexcio – Shows Rob Gronkowski how to party during spring break at Cabo Wabo Cantina.

March 31-April 7 – United States – Major League Baseball teams agree to stagger their home openers to allow Johnny Football to throw first pitch at every MLB stadium. Since the first game of the season is between the Rangers and Astros, Manziel will also start the game and pitch the first five innings for Texas, then switch clubhouses and pitch the sixth through ninth innings for Houston.

April 6 – Atlanta, Georgia – Manziel will take in the Final Four, realize the Aggies didn’t make it and vow to ensure Texas A&M will make it in 2014.

April 10-14 – Augusta, Georgia – Will attend the Masters Tournament, enter the par three tournament on a lark and win with a score of 9 in the nine hold tournament. The Masters will immediately award Manziel a Green Jacket, which lets him play in the Masters for the rest of his life.

April 25 - New York, New York – Manziel will attend NFL Draft just to see what it’s like. Chiefs try to select him after failing to come to terms with Leon Sandcastle.

May  4 – Louisville, Kentucky – Manziel attends Kentucky Derby, will be pictured with Mint Juleps and a wide brimmed hat before beating the horses around the track. Does Heisman pose with blanket of roses around his neck.

May 26 – Indianapolis, Indiana – Enters Indianapolis 500 with Mike Ditka in a bus. No word yet on who would drive.