New rule would add punishment for some above shoulder hits

New rule would add punishment for some above shoulder hits
February 15, 2013, 5:15 pm
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A hit to the head could result in an ejection in the next college football season.

The NCAA Football Rules Committee came up with several recommendations for new rules for the upcoming season this week, including one that would eject players targeting defenseless players above the neck. If the foul were to occur in the second half of a game the player would also be forced to sit out the first half of the following game. There will be a postgame conference review to uphold calls that would carry over into the next game.

Referees had been allowed to penalize players for targeting in these situations since 2008, the new rule wouldn’t put new guidelines to the infraction but would add to the penalty instead.

The move is intended to increase the safety of the players said Rules Committee Chair and Air Force Academy head coach Troy Calhoun.

“Student-athlete safety will always be one of our primary concerns,” Calhoun said. “We all have a role to embrace when making a positive impact on our game. Taking measures to remove targeting, or above the shoulder hits on defenseless players, will improve our great sport.”  

The rule change will be brought before the Playing Rules Oversight Panel on March 6.

Other proposed rules changes include having clarifying blocks below the waist, making any block from the front legal and any block from the side or behind a penalty.

Another rule would call for a 10 second run off in the final minute of the half for an injury if it stops the clock, while another would prohibit spiking the ball if there is less than three seconds on the clock. If there are less than three seconds left there would only be time to run a play.