Will Texans get home-field throughout?

Will Texans get home-field throughout?
December 19, 2012, 8:00 am
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It's pretty simple for the Texans.

If they beat the Vikings at home at noon on Sunday, they'll clinch the No. 1 seed in the AFC, which comes with home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Now, the Texans don't necessarily need to win this week to clinch home-field but if they don't, they'd need some help. Well, a lot of help. They'd need the Broncos and the Patriots to lose this week.

The problem with that? The Pats play the 2-12 Jaguars and the Broncos play the 5-9 Browns.

If the Texans lose, they would need either the Patriots or Broncos to lose this weekend to get a first-round bye.

If the Texans aren't able to clinch home-field throughout the playoffs this week, they would be able to do it next week against the Colts. It wouldn't matter what the Broncos or Patriots do this week. All that would matter is a win in the final game.  

When the Patriots lost to the 49ers on Sunday night, it means they can only finish with 12 wins. Even if the Broncos win their final two games, they'd finish with 13 wins and would lose the first tie-breaker because the Texans have already beaten them.

But if the Texans lose their remaining two games and the Broncos and Patriots win their final two games, Houston could finish as the third seed in the AFC.

The Colts have a chance to clinch a playoff berth with a win this weekend against the Chiefs. They can also clinch this weekend if the Steelers beat the Bengals. If the Colts lose and the Steelers win, the Colts' playoff hopes would come down to the last week of the season against the Texans in Indy.

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