Why did Foster change his Twitter avatar?

Why did Foster change his Twitter avatar?
January 10, 2013, 7:00 pm
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Shaughnessy defends Texans-bashing column

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy caused a ripple with his incredibly anti-Texans column this week.

Shaughnessy ripped the Texans, saying that they were the worst 11-1 team in NFL history and even said playing them was another bye week for the Patriots.

Texans’ running back Arian Foster saw the words. And even made a few of them his new twitter avatar for a few days. Here are the words from the column he chose:

The 2012-13 New England Patriots just became the first team in NFL history to get back-to-back byes before advancing to the conference championship game.

Could this get any easier?

I mean, seriously? The planets are aligned and the tomato cans are in place. The fraudulent Houston Texans are the only team standing between the AFC Championship game. All the Patriots have to do is beat the terrible Texans. One week from today. At Gillette Stadium.

So why did Foster make those words his avatar? Was it motivation? Was it the possibility of proving someone wrong?


“I’m active on Twitter and a couple of my followers, they kept sending me the same link,” he said. “I clicked on it and it was the article, the guy that wrote that. I thought it was funny because, the things he used to describe, the cans … the tomato cans are in line or something. I thought it was funny. I always have funny avatars on Twitter, so that was one of them.”

For the record, the tomato cans line is an old boxing term. It means a fighter that can no longer fight back. When they get hit, they leak tomato juice (blood).

Foster said he doesn’t need any extra motivation for a playoff game in New England against the Patriots. He said he certainly isn’t getting it from a column someone wrote.  

“I don’t care about people that much, as far as what they say,” Foster said. “From a philanthropy standpoint, I care about people but as far as writers, they like to create drama. They like to sit at their desk and say who’s going to do what. It doesn’t mean much to me.”

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