Whitner fears Schaub, but licks chops

Whitner fears Schaub, but licks chops
October 3, 2013, 10:00 am
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Texans fans aren't the only ones fearful of Matt Schaub.

The 49ers fear him too.

Schaub has hit a rough patch this season, throwing three pick-6s in three consecutive games, the last of which forced an overtime period in a loss to the Seahawks.

But that doesn't mean other defense don't fear him.

“Yes," said 49ers safety Donte Whitner when asked by a member of the Houston media if Schaub is a quarterback his team fears. "The reason why is because, he had a couple of mistakes the last couple of weeks, you look at their offense as a whole, he’s the guy that keeps that offense going. He’s the guy that gets the football down the field in the right coverages with Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels.

"He’s the guy that sometimes checks out of the wrong offense and the wrong offensive set or play or formation and gets those guys into the right set, whether that’s getting it to the running back, (Arian) Foster or (Ben) Tate, or getting into a play action. He does a good job and, if we’re not on our P’s and Q’s, and if we’re not going out there to prepare as he’s going to prepare this week, then we’ll be in trouble. But we’ll go out there and prepare.”

While Whitner (it's not Hitner yet) is fearful of Schaub, he admitted that the San Francisco defense is also licking its chops watching film of Schaub's pick-6s. Whitner said that Schaub would feel similarly if he watched game film and saw a defense getting sliced for deep passes. Whitner has one interception and five passes defended in four games this season. His 49ers will face the Texans in San Francisco on Sunday Night Football.

The last pick-6 Schaub threw was the worst of the bunch. He was intercepted by Richard Sherman, who took it to the house, with less than three minutes in a game in which the Texans had a seven-point lead.

After the game, Sherman and the Seahawks said they were ready for that play in that situation and Sherman had even intercepted the ball during practice on the same play.

That talk from the Seahawks had many claiming that the Texans' offense is predictable. But Whitner disagreed.

“I don’t think they’re predictable because, if you look at the first half, they pretty much did what they wanted to do on Seattle’ defense," he said. "When I looked at the game, I think they had over 250 yards in the first half or something like that. I believe that Seattle said what they said because they won the football game, but Houston’s offense pretty much did what they wanted to do running and throwing the football, so I don’t agree with that.”