Which NFL teams get arrested the most?

Which NFL teams get arrested the most?
July 1, 2013, 3:15 pm
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Not a single player from the Houston Texans has been arrested in 1,464 days.

Business Insider broke down everything there is to do with NFL players and being arrested. The article broke down arrests since 2000 by team, division, position and times arrests most often occurred.

Since 2000, the Minnesota Vikings and Cincinnati Bengals both lead the NFL with 40 arrests each. The Broncos are third with 35 arrests. The teams at the bottom of the league are the Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets both with 11 arrests, followed by the St. Louis Rams and the Houston Texans with just nine arrests each.

What was interesting even further were the other breakdowns. Most players get arrested either right after the season ends or right before it starts. The two months that have the most arrests since 2000 are February and June with 67 and 68 arrests respectively. The offseason as a whole has the most arrests, with 370 arrests in the six months where games are not taking place compared to only 252 arrests taking place during the six months where games are played.

If you look at arrests by position, defensive backs get cuffed far more than any other position. There have been just 12 arrests at quarterback since 2000 compared to 117 in the secondary. Granted there are far more defensive backs in the league than quarterbacks. Defensive lineman had the second most arrests at 87. 269 defensive players have been arrested to 229 offensive players since 2000.

The Texans have by far the longest streak in the NFL in terms of keeping their nose clean with their 1,464 day streak. When the article came out on June 28, the Cowboys had gone just one day since their last arrest, and the Patriots were at two days. The Texans far and away have the longest streak of not having a player arrested with the second longest streak being the San Diego Chargers with stretching 787 days. That’s a 677 day lead.