What systems will O'Brien run in Houston?

What systems will O'Brien run in Houston?
January 5, 2014, 1:30 pm
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During Bill O'Brien's introductory press conference on Friday, the Texans' new head coach was asked about which systems he'll run with the Texans.

Now, O'Brien hasn't yet named an offensive or defensive coordinator, so we'll have to wait for that. O'Brien is known as an offensive coach, so here's what he had to say about what the Texans' offense will look like:

"As far as systems go, if you look at offensively, to me, I would describe our system as a game plan system," he said. "You have to have, in my opinion, a different game plan every week because you see so many different defenses every week. It’ll be a system that is adaptable and flexible. It’ll be a system that the players will enjoy playing in."

O'Brien is reportedly interested in bringing in Romeo Crennel as his defensive coordinator. Crennel, in the past, has run a two-gap 3-4. The Texans have been using a 3-4 under former defensive coordinator Wade Phillips but Phillips' defense was a one-gap. The two-gap basically means it's up to the linemen to cover two gaps and determine which way to go.
"Defensively, everybody wants to pin you down and ask you if you’re going to be a 3-4 guy or a 4-3 guy," O'Brien said. "To me, I think, right now, about 70 percent of games are played in nickel and dime defense because of the type of league it is. We’ll evaluate the personnel on this team. We’ll do a really good job of putting together a good football team and we’ll adapt the systems to the players that we bring into this program.”

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