Watt approaching sack record

Watt approaching sack record
December 28, 2012, 10:00 pm
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The Texans need a win Sunday against the Colts and that's what everyone is thinking about.

But behind a win, everyone is also thinking about J.J. Watt and his chances of breaking the NFL sack record. Watt leads the league with 20.5 sacks and is 2.5 sacks shy of breaking Michael Strahan's record of 22.5. Even Watt himself has his priorities in the right order, but it doesn't mean he's not thinking about a win and the record.

“It’s on my mind, but winning is number one by far," Watt said. "I had someone ask me yesterday, would you rather win the game or get the sack record. There is no debate whatsoever. I’d much rather win the game, but then I said I would love to win the game and get the sack record."

Its been known that Watt wrote down several goals before the season started and he's most certainly been checking them off as this season has gone on. Watt doesn't just look for sacks, he leads the team in tackles. Watt is the only player ever to record at least 15 sacks and 15 passes defensed in the same season. But it is the sack record and all the glamor that comes with it that everyone still thinks about.

"Obviously, it’s a goal of mine," Watt said. "I said I think before the season you have to want to do things that have never been done before. That’s obviously a huge goal of mine. I’m fortunate to be so close. I’m fortunate to have great teammates and coaches who call great plays and the teammates make me look good and really hoping I can get it done and help the team win.”

Watt has been a part of 89 plays this season that have resulted in zero or negative yards, according to NFL play-by-plays. That's unreal. The 89 is made up of tackles for loss and tackles for no gain, passes defensed and and quarterback hits that resulted in incomplete passes.

“What’s he’s done already is better than anybody’s done in I don’t know, a long, long time that I can remember," Wade Phillips said Thursday. "I haven’t seen a guy play like this. Even the great ones I had didn’t have all the knockdowns and you’re talking about three Hall of Famers that I’ve been associated with. They didn’t have all the knockdowns, tackles for losses and tackles that he made and from that position. He’s had a tremendous year. Whether he can get a few more sacks or not, I don’t know. You know he’s going to give the effort to make plays no matter what it is.”

If Watt has the same game he had against the Colts that he had two weeks ago, the record is history. In the Texans 29-17 win, Watt finished with 10 tackles, a forced fumble and more importantly, three sacks. If he gets three again the record is his.

“It’d mean a lot," Watt said when asked what it would feel like to break the record. "It’d mean a lot, but we could talk about that when we get there.”

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