WATCH: Making the Grade: Quarterbacks

WATCH: Making the Grade: Quarterbacks
January 20, 2014, 5:00 pm
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Palmer / Zangaro

What grade would you give the Texans' QBs in 2013?

In our eight-part Making the Grade, we look back at the Texans' 2-14 season in 2013. We've already looked at the secondary, running backs, linebackers and coaches. Up now: quarterbacks.

In 2013, the Texans got a reminder that quarterback is the most important position in professional team sports.

They didn't have a good one and went 2-14. And those two things are very heavily connected.

Matt Schaub was coming off a Pro Bowl season from 2012. But what made him so good in the early part of 2012 was his ball protection. He didn't turn the ball over.

What made him awful in 2013 was the disappearance of that ability. Schaub threw 14 interceptions in 10 games (eight starts) after throwing 12 all last year. But it wasn't just the number of interceptions; it was the timing and result of those picks. Schaub threw a pick-6 in four consecutive games. Those are momentum-swinging plays and they doomed the Texans.

Case Keenum got his chance too. After showing some spark, the second-year player from the University of Houston fizzled. He had trouble adjusting to the adjustments other teams made to face him. He went 0-8 in his eight starts. Owner Bob McNair wanted to see if the team had anything in Keenum and it appeared that they don't.

T.J. Yates, despite coming into the season as the backup and despite the team's struggles at the position, played very minimally in 2013.

Stud: Ummm

I've got nothing.  

Dud: Schaub

The crazy thing is: Schaub wasn't as bad as people will remember. The problem: when he was bad, he was really bad at terrible times and it changed the entire direction of the season.

-- Dave Zangaro

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