Texans will support Smith in appeal process

Texans will support Smith in appeal process
August 21, 2013, 2:30 pm
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Reaction to the NFL suspending Smith

Texans defensive end Antonio Smith was officially suspended for the first regular season game and the remainder of the preseason for swinging his helmet at Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito.

Smith is going to appeal the suspension and the Texans are going to help.

“I think there’s an appeal process in place,” said general manager Rick Smith, who also said the team is disappointed because Antonio Smith lost his composure. “And certainly we will support Antonio in that effort and actually participate in that as well.”

Last season, the appeal process reduced Smith’s $21,000 fine from kicking Incognito to $11,000.

“I certainly believe that they will consider and they will listen,” Rick Smith said. “They’ll give us a fair opportunity to present our side of it and I think we’ve got a legitimate case to present and hopefully, they hear us.”

In Saturday’s game, Incognito, known for his irritating ways, latched onto Smith’s helmet. Smith retaliated by ripping off Incognito’s helmet and swinging it at him. Smith was also retaliating last year when he kicked Incognito.

“I’m disappointed in myself because I have to make sure my players keep their composure on the football field; that’s my job,” head coach Gary Kubiak said. “Then they’ve got a job when they get out there to maintain their composure regardless of circumstances. There’s no excuses. And we can’t hurt the team and I talk to our guys about that all the time. If somebody’s gonna miss some time, it hurts the team and me and Antonio talked about that.

“We’ll go through the process now and I have total confidence in our league. I think it’s fair and I think they will listen to our side of the story and we’ll see what happens.”



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