Texans' secondary ready for Luck

Texans' secondary ready for Luck
December 13, 2012, 12:15 am
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Texans' secondary looks to bounce back vs. Luck

The Texans' secondary has been up and down this season. They have had games where you see the strides they have made this season from last. There are games where you could worry about their consistency come playoff time. As a unit they were able to some what shut down Wes Welker Monday night.  Holding Welker to just three catches for 52 yards.

“Yeah, but you know it never fails," Gary Kubiak said. "You pay so much attention to somebody and you get hurt by other people. That’s part of it. That’s why they’re so good. I think every week you’ve got a guy you’ve got to stop or guys you’ve got to contain. It really gets back to playing good defense or playing good offense or special teams across the board. We didn’t’ do that as a team last week. He doesn’t get his catches, but they came from someplace else. We’ve just got to be better across the board.”

With Welker now in the rearview mirror, the Texans have their hands full once again with another 90-plus catch receiver in Reggie Wayne.

“Reggie is in the top of the league, I think the top-three in those categories, in receiving yards and receptions," Johnathan Joseph said. "It’ll be a tough task, but we have the guys here. Brandon Harris played a great game last week for his second game getting a full start. I think he did a great job against his guy Wes Welker, who is probably the greatest at his position in the slot. This will be a big task for him going against Reggie Wayne, who is a crafty veteran as well. But he’s got a lot of veterans around him who are picking him up throughout the week. He’s up for the task and we think he’ll do a great job.”

Joseph is one of those veterans that surrounds Harris day-in-and-day-out. After missing the previous two games before his return Monday night, Joseph's return to full strength looks to be complete and an unreal boost to the Texans.

“He moved fine, came out of the game fine," Kubiak said. "Practiced today, what we took today, like I said it was very limited. A lot of teaching, kind of a lower tempo-type of practice. He’s doing good. Good thing is I don’t think any of those guys took any steps backwards last week that played.”

The Texans can't take anymore injuries in the secondary and it's good that they are now heading in the direction of focusing on offenses and not filling empty lineup spots. 

“In the secondary it’s just about getting comfortable and communication is probably the biggest thing because if you don’t have communication, one slip up and the ball could be ahead for a 70-yard touchdown," Joseph said. "So we think back and the biggest thing is communication.”

Andrew Luck has the ability to throw the ball all around the field but is also susceptible to throwing interceptions. Luck is tied with Drew Brees for the league lead in interceptions with 18. But Luck might be his best when plays breakdown and he is able to create as he goes.  

“You have to stay with your guy, it’s easy," Joseph said. "You either have the guy in coverage or you got the guy in zone. If the guy is in your zone and the play breaks down, just run and find that guy and stay with him until the whistle blows. There’s nothing hard about that. Just staying with your guy until the whistle blows.”