Texans safety says Clowney best in five years

Texans safety says Clowney best in five years
April 17, 2014, 5:45 pm
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Texans safety D.J. Swearinger knows Jadeveon Clowney the player better than anyone in the Texans organization and he wants the defensive end taken first overall by Houston.

“Jadeveon Clowney hands down,” Swearinger said with a smile when asked who the Texans should draft number one overall. “No questions asked at all. He’s clearly the best player in this draft. You won’t find another guy like him in probably another five years. I know what he can do. I’ve played with him.”

Even though Swearinger plays safety and is a member of the secondary, he believes like cornerback Johnathan Joseph, Clowney would make the defense better all around.

“I know what a guy like that on the d-line can help to whole entire defense not only the secondary but the whole entire defense," Swearinger said. "To have him down there with J.J. (Watt) and (Jared) Crick some of the other guys, (Tim Jamison) it would be amazing."

Clowney and Swearinger were members of the same defense for two seasons at South Carolina before Swearinger was drafted by the Texans in the second round of last year’s draft. There have been many questions by NFL personnel about Clowney’s work ethic, but Houston’s safety says he doesn’t see any problems with the way Clowney played last season or with his effort on the field.

“The eyes were on him a lot,” Swearinger said on the field at Minute Maid Park before throwing out the first pitch between the Astros and Royals. “When you’re triple teamed a lot it’s hard to make plays. Once he gets to the NFL people will see the real Jadaveon Clowney.”

Swearinger had 71 tackles to go along with a forced fumble and an interception in his first NFL season.