Texans punter doesn't think he's a football player

Texans punter doesn't think he's a football player
December 13, 2012, 12:45 am
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Jones on tackling form: 'He went to the ground'

Donnie Jones' leg should be sore. 

He finished Monday night with seven punts for 345 yards in the Texans' loss to the Patriots. But it's his other leg that is sore. Jones injured his leg while making a tackle after his first punt of the game.  

“It’s just swollen and stiff," Jones said. "It’s not that it will affect me playing. I’d have to have a broken leg not to play on Sunday. It’s part of it. We don’t usually tackle often and when we do, all the guys give me a little grief. It’s nothing major though.”

With Jones being OK for Sunday's game, it's now safe to ask what everyone thought of his tackle on Wes Welker.

“I told those guys, I said, ‘Look, you guys are NFL football players, I’m not.’ So when I get a little bruise or something, it is what it is. I know my role. But it’s all in good fun.”

“Well, he went to the ground, so I don’t know if it was great," Jones added.

But Jones is a football player, isn't he? We all assume so because he's on the Texans' roster and actually plays the game of football for a living. But Jones would disagree with that.

“Yeah, I mean I’m not an actual NFL ‘football’ player," Jones said. "I mean, come on. We know our roles. I had the same type thing in 2008. I had to push DeSean Jackson out of bounds. Somehow I chased him down, don’t know how I did it, and I fell and my knee blew up. Every now and then you get one. We’re punters and kickers. We’re a different breed.”