Texans not holding back from 'hungry' Savage

Texans not holding back from 'hungry' Savage
June 12, 2014, 3:15 pm
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Tom Savage is the youngest and most inexperienced quarterback on the Texans’ roster.

But quarterbacks coach George Godsey and head coach Bill O’Brien aren’t babying the fourth-round pick out of Pittsburgh.

“I think for a rookie quarterback it’s very difficult, bottom line,” Godsey said on Thursday. “We’re not holding much back from him either. I’m gonna coach him hard. Coach O’Brien’s gonna coach him hard and the rest of the coaches are too.

“The thing I like about Tom is he just looks you back in the eye and he wants to get more reps and he wants to learn. I mean, he’s a hungry young man. He wants to come in on weekends and learn too. And I think that’s the most important ingredient for a young quarterback.”

Godsey has been impressed by the work ethic of the 24-year-old quarterback.

No, Savage hasn’t been perfect. In fact, he’s been making plenty of mistakes, just like all rookies. But Savage has been learning through those mistakes, which Godsey said is important.  

“That’s really the true way you learn,” Godsey said. “So we’re putting him in difficult situations and if he does make a mistake, slow it down on tape, slow it down in the meeting room, then give him the same situation the next day. And Tom’s done a good job at trying to handle those things all in one day and throughout the nine days of practice.”

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