Texans mailbag: Coaches, draft, Schaub

Texans mailbag: Coaches, draft, Schaub
January 11, 2014, 8:00 am
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While we wait to hear how Bill O'Brien will finish off his coaching staff, I decided to take some time and answer some fan questions.

Got some good ones this time. Here ya go:


If Matt Schaub and T.J. Yates are gone, that leaves Case Keenum as the only remaining quarterback from 2013. The Texans are almost certainly going to draft a quarterback. If it's in the first round is the big question.

But I expect the Texans will have a veteran quarterback on the roster one way or the other. Owner Bob McNair said if they got a young quarterback, they'd probably out and sign a veteran, so that it all isn't on the young kid, which makes sense.

McCown and Cousins are interesting choices. McCown is a free agent but he's 35. Cousins is still under contract with the Redskins, so the Texans would need to trade for him.

The veteran the team brings in won't likely get a huge contract, so forget guys who will definitely be starters. The Texans will want someone who can compete but who won't be a problem if and when he doesn't become the starter. Maybe a guy like Chad Henne wouldn't be a bad pickup. Here's a great list of free agent quarterbacks from ProFootballFocus. Pick one.



It would be shocking to see Matt Schaub in a Texans jersey next season. Even Schaub would probably be shocked. It's more likely he'll get cut rather than traded. He'll likely be a post-June 1 cut.



I don't know. There, you got it out of me. Romeo Crennel and Mike Munchak both interviewed with the Texans this week. I'm not sure if one or both or neither will end up on the staff. With Crennel, the biggest thing is money. He's set to earn $3.5 million from the Chiefs for doing nothing this year. He'll have to decide if coaching for the Texans in 2014 is worth it.

With Munchak, the biggest issue would be if he gets other, better offers. He's a former head coach, so taking a position coach job is a big step down. But if the Texans do get him, he'll immediately be one of the best O-line coaches in the NFL.




Sorry, I thought we were doing the all-caps thing. If Crennel comes to town, it might not make sense to have two defensive ends like Watt and Clowney. Crennel's 3-4 system doesn't allow for great ends to really pass rush.

And, the Texans do need a quarterback. That's a pretty big need. But we'll get to that soon.



Who should they draft? You're making me the GM? OK, fine. They should draft Teddy Bridgewater. That would be my pick and I think that's who they'll end up with.

The most impressive thing about Bridgewater is that he's improved in every category each year in college. He also fits the team-first mentality of O'Brien.



Well, we already talked about Crennel and Munchak, so let's look at the OC. It has been reported that the Texans are interested in New England tight ends coach George Godsey.

Godsey is just 35 and didn't start coaching until 2004. He was actually a quarterback under Bill O'Brien at Georgia Tech. Godsey was the senior starter at Georgia Tech in O'Brien's first season as offensive coordinator. If O'Brien is looking for someone who understands his offensive philosophies, Godsey seems to fit.

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