Texans-Jaguars: Battle for last place

Texans-Jaguars: Battle for last place
November 23, 2013, 10:00 am
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There might have been some bad blood between the Texans and Jaguars at some point, but recently, the two haven’t been close in terms of accomplishment.

The Texans went 12-4 last season. The Jaguars went 2-14. Over the past two seasons, the Texans are 22-10. The Jaguars are 7-25. The Texans have beaten the Jaguars five straight times, dating back to 2010. They haven’t lost to the Jaguars at home since 2009.

But forget all that.

Sunday’s game at Reliant Stadium is for last place in the division.

“Now, it might be another rivalry, since we’re both on the same playing field,” defensive end Antonio Smith said. “In the past, I don’t think it was like that, last year and the year before. I always like a good battle. They can hate me all they want. They can come in the best they’ve got. It just makes it more fun for me.”

The Texans are 2-8 and the Jaguars are 1-9. If the Jaguars win, they’ll pull themselves out of the cellar of the AFC South.

The two teams last played in Week 11 last year, when the Texans needed an overtime to top the Jaguars in an offensive battle. The two teams combined for 1,111 yards, the third-highest total in the history of the football and the second-highest since the merger.

And yet, this weekend’s games was one of those games most Texans fans checked off as a win before the season began. Since then, plenty has changed.

“You dang sure can’t. You can’t chalk anything up,” Smith said. “I’ve learned that thus far in this year. I’m not going to lie, us players do do that. I did that when we first got the schedule during the year.

"I’ve been wrong almost every one of them. You can’t do that this game. I’m not going to give any extra fuel. I know y’all want me to say it. You can’t chalk it up to be a win, but I would love it to be a battle anyway. I think that’s something that we need. We don’t need a blowout or anything. We need a drag out, earn the win type of win.”

The Texans have lost eight in a row, the longest losing streak in team history and tied for the longest in the NFL this season. The Jaguars lost their first eight games this year before beating the Titans. Now, they can get their second win in three weeks.

“I’m sure they do. I’m sure they do,” Brown said when asked if the Jaguars are probably seeing opportunity in playing the Texans. “They’ve been playing pretty good football the last couple of weeks, so they’re to keep that run going. We’re on an eight-game losing streak, so I’m sure they’re smelling blood and they want to come in here and give us a nice one. This is a hungry team. We’re going to fight. We’re going to battle. We’re looking to fight on Sunday and I expect the same for them.”

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