Texans have 7th oldest starting OL in football

Texans have 7th oldest starting OL in football
July 16, 2013, 10:00 am
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The entire left side of the Texans' offensive line went to the Pro Bowl last season.

They have plenty of experience, with Chris Myers, Wade Smith and Duane Brown, so it shouldn't come as too big of a surprise that the Texans have the seventh oldest projected starting offensive line in the NFL.

According to Bleeding Green Nation's Jimmy Kempski, who does fantastic work, the average age of the Texans' starting offensive line will be 28 years, nine months and 27 days on Sept. 9, 2013, the Monday of Week 1.

The oldest projected line belongs to the Jets (29 years, seven months, three days). The Giants, Rams, Patriots, Chargers and Saints follow before the Texans.

It's important to note that Derek Newton is considered the starting right tackle. He's coming off a major knee surgery in the offseason but is still the safest bet of anyone to be the starter.

Here's the list of the Texans' offensive linemen from oldest to youngest: Smith (32), Myers (31), Brown (28), Newton (27) and Brandon Brooks (24).

At 32 years, four months and 14 days, Smith is projected to be the ninth-oldest starting offensive lineman in football. Myers will be the 13th oldest. Brown will be 77th. Newton will be 84th. And Brandon Brooks will be 142nd out of 160.

But having an old offensive line isn't necessarily a bad thing. According to Kempski, the Giants had the oldest projected starting line in 2011 and they wont the Super Bowl. The Ravens had the oldest projecting starting line last year and they won the Super Bowl.

If you're wondering, here is where the rest of the teams in the AFC South rank: Titans (15th, 27 years, 11 months, 18 days), Colts (18th, 27 years, 10 months, 26 days), Jaguars (21st, 27 years, 7 months, 12 days).