Texans give away bikes to kids in need

Texans give away bikes to kids in need
December 14, 2012, 7:00 pm
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Texans players give bikes to Houston kids

The Texans made the holiday season a whole lot brighter by supplying bikes for over 200 underprivileged kids from around the Houston area. Children from low-income families in the Houston area received new bikes and bike helmets courtesy of money right from the pockets of the Texans players and coaches. All of the bicycles and helmets were purchased from Academy Sports + Outdoors and will be delivered free of charge by JetCo.

The bike giveaway program was the brainchild of Texans head coach Gary Kubiak when he joined the organization in 2006, and the team has held the holiday event every year since. Each Texans player and every member of the coaching staff contributes personally to the bike fund each year.

The children come from throughout the Houston area and were selected by the Houston Texans YMCA and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston and other local nonprofit organizations.

“It’s just something we started back when we first got here, doing some things for Christmas for some kids," Gary Kubiak said. "Players got together and had a great idea. I had done it in the past. They’ve just kind of really taken off with it, but I think it’s a good deal. We got all the kids to come here. I think the players look as much forward to it as the kids do. Our guys do a great job in the community representing this organization, so it’s a good day. Hopefully it can continue for a long time.”

"Man it's real cool," Antonio Smith said. "We asked one kid how many bikes he had and he said he had none. For him to have his first bike that's a wonderful thing."

Seeing all the bikes and how happy so many kids were, it made a few Texans take a trip down memory about their own first bike.

"My first bike was a BMX," Smith said. "It was nice, I had the pegs on it and everything … That's the funnest thing we used to do as kids. I remember you used to ride your bikes, ride your bikes to school, over your friends house, so you know I think they really enjoy it."

"Oh man, my first bike I can't even remember," Andre Johnson said. "I got a couple bikes for christmas, but my first bike I can't remember my first exact bike that I received.

“It’s really cool. Heck, you remember when you got your first bike when you were young," Kubiak said. "They’re great because they get to see their heroes, too. You see the kids out there grabbing onto the players, so I think it’s a nice little break away from football and the pressures of what we do and stop and thinking about something like that for a period of time instead of the next route you got to run or the next defense you got to play.”