Texans fails to get pressure on Bradford

Texans fails to get pressure on Bradford
October 14, 2013, 2:45 pm
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The Texans are know for their defense, and, furthermore, their defensive line and pass rushers.

But on Sunday afternoon, in the 38-13 loss, the team struggled to get any sort of consistent pressure on Rams quarterback Sam Bradford.

“They got up pretty quick,” linebacker Brooks Reed said. “And so they kind of went to the running game more and they were pretty successful. So they kept doing that. I don’t know how many passes were in the game, how many deep drop backs but they were pretty limited.”

The Texans failed to record a quarterback sack for the first time this season. It’s the first time the team hasn’t gotten a sack since a 13-6 win over the Bears last Nov. 11. The Texans are 7-22 all-time when they don’t record a sack. And teams who didn’t record a sack this season are 3-11. Aside from one really big hit early on Bradford from J.J. Watt, the Texans didn’t really get to him that much.

But Reed said the problem wasn’t necessarily the pressure on the quarterback, it was the opportunities to put pressure on the quarterback. Bradford attempted just 16 passes all game (12 completions), while the Rams ran 25 times.

“Yeah, if you can’t stop the run, you got big problems,” Reed said. “And that’s how we’ve been successful in the past. When we stop the run, the team goes to pass and we’ve got the guys to get to the quarterback. And tonight, that just didn’t happen.”

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