Texans’ headsets went out vs. Ravens

Texans’ headsets went out vs. Ravens
September 27, 2013, 7:00 am
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Late in the second quarter and in parts of the third quarter against the Ravens in Sunday's loss, the Texans’ headsets stopped working.

While the Texans should have been able to handle the equipment going out, head coach Gary Kubiak said the team didn’t handle the adversity very well on Sunday.

“If that happens on the road, you have to be able to adjust to it,” Kubiak said.

The team prepares so that its ready if that situation occurs. Offensive guard Brandon Brooks and running back Arian Foster said they didn’t see any confusion on the field after the headsets went out. And Matt Schaub didn't even mention the equipment when he spoke to the media on Wednesday.

“I didn’t see any confusion out there, any additional confusion,” Foster said. “I saw it when it happened but then the ball kept rolling.”

“No, it was business as usual,” Brooks said. “That’s why we have hand signals over there. It didn’t really stop Schaub from calling the plays or anything like that.”  

The team has hand signals, they can call Schaub to the sideline and they can use players to relay calls into the huddle, Kubiak said.

“But it’s something you always have to be prepared for in this league,” Kubiak continued. “It can happen at the drop of a hat, you’re in the middle of play call and you’re talking. I think we used a timeout, you saw us one time where we’re giving Matt the play in the huddle, we assume he’s got the play. All of a sudden he steps out of the huddle says ‘I never heard a thing.’ So that’s something that you have to be able to handle. And we didn’t do a very good job of it.”