TE Graham reflects on career season

TE Graham reflects on career season
January 19, 2013, 9:00 am
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Coming into the 2012 season, his third in the league, Garrett Graham had just one catch.


But as the 2012 season progressed, the 6-3 tight end out of Wisconsin began to develop more of a role in the Texans’ offense. And by the time the final playoff game rolled around, Graham was talked about as one of the main keys.

What a season.

“I feel good about it, grateful for the opportunity I got this year and looking forward to making the best of it next year,” Graham said.

So what made his 2012 season so good? What did he do to make it the best season of his young career?

“You know (Strength and Conditioning Coach) Cedric (Smith) in the weight room in the offseason,” Graham said. “He really helped me out a ton, getting me bigger and stronger and having those preseason games before the season started, just getting my confidence up playing with those guys, getting their confidence and the coaches’ confidence. I think that really helped me out.”

And Graham said that’s pretty much what he’ll work on this offseason. He said he’ll work with Smith again to get “bigger, faster, stronger.”

As it was, Graham caught 28 passes for 263 yards and three touchdowns in 15 games. He missed the first matchup against the Patriots with a concussion. After suffering another concussion against the Bengals in the playoff game, Graham was able to pass the concussion tests and was able to play against the Patriots the second time. But it didn’t matter much. The Texans were still beaten badly.

Graham said he thinks the team has the right players in the locker room for next season. When asked if improvement was a matter of personnel or performance, Graham answered performance.

And one of the key guys in the locker room moving forward might be Graham. The Texans use plenty of two tight end sets and that seems to be a trend throughout the NFL. And Graham sees the value in those sets.

“I think it helps out an offense,” he said. “You can be very versatile. You can motion him around, you can run the ball, you can do anything you want. I see a lot of teams are definitely moving in that direction.”

And maybe the Texans will be one of them. After all, Graham has emerged as a viable threat as the No. 2 tight end behind veteran Owen Daniels.

Now that the season is over, what’s on the agenda for Graham?

“Probably a whole lot of nothing,” he said. “Relax. Take it easy on the body.”

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