Swearinger given a talking to about penalty

Swearinger given a talking to about penalty
December 10, 2013, 11:45 am
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D.J. Swearinger has already been given a talking to.

The Texans’ rookie was handed a 15-yard taunting penalty in the second quarter of Thursday’s game against the Jaguars. His penalty extended the drive and the Jags kicked a field goal.

“He’s already been given that message,” interim coach and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips said on Monday. “He knows that message. If you get aggressive penalties, that’s one thing. But after the play, that’s hurting your team and you’re teammates, and players have to know that. I think the guy that can tell him the most is Antonio (Smith), hurt his pocketbook too. You finally learn after some point that you’re hurting the team and not just getting back at somebody else. In his case, he was just saying, ‘Get back on the bench. Get back on the bench.’ They threw the flag on him.”

Smith, the veteran defensive lineman, didn’t even wait until the game finished before he talked with Swearinger. He said he talked to him as the team went into the locker room at halftime, telling him that the penalty was over and he needed to make up for it.

“That really the only thing I told him, that you have to hold yourself accountable to your teammates,” Smith said. “‘We need you know. Yes, what happened in the past happened but we need you.’”

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