Support helps Schaub through tough time

Support helps Schaub through tough time
October 2, 2013, 4:45 pm
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Foster on Schaub: 'He's our leader'

A dejected Matt Schaub sauntered out of the Texans’ auditorium following his press conference in the wake of Sunday’s heart-breaking loss to the Seahawks.

But he would’ve played on Monday if it were up to him.

“The harsh part of this business is you have to wait seven days to even get that taste out of your mouth,” Schaub said on Wednesday. “It’s not like other sports where you play the next night or the next day. The only thing we can do as a group, and me personally, is get ready to go play San Francisco and we’ll win that one.”

Waiting has been the hardest part of a hard week for the Texans’ quarterback. Schaub has taken the brunt of criticism for the Texans’ loss to the Seahawks after throwing a pick-6 that tied the game in the final three minutes of the fourth quarter before the team lost in overtime. 

Pundits have singled him out, fans have called for a change and a local eatery even created a Schaub-inspired burger (you get to pick six toppings – get it?). At least one fan even burned his jersey outside the stadium after the game.

“I don’t think anything about that. That’s someone’s choice,” Schaub said about the jersey burning. “My goal is just to make sure that when we get done this thing at the end of the year, he’s going back out and he’s going to get one to wear.”

Schaub also deleted his Twitter account this week, and said it had nothing to do with the game. But he was assuredly getting blasted by fans on the social media site.

While the heat surrounding Schaub has been felt around the city, things inside Reliant Stadium have actually remained pretty cool. Schaub’s teammates have stood behind their quarterback and coaches continue to outwardly express their confidence in him.

“He’s our quarterback,” Arian Foster said. “He’s our leader. I'm riding with him.”

Foster was the player who called a players-only meeting on Monday, the day after the loss that dropped the team’s record to 2-2. Schaub was one of the leaders to speak during that meeting.

“It’s really nice to have,” Schaub said of the support. “I think any player in that situation leans on your teammates, leans on your guys in the huddle and in your locker room for some support and they were all right there. So we’re moving forward as a group.”

The support from head coach Gary Kubiak has been especially helpful. Kubiak is a former quarterback and Schaub said Kubiak understands the “weight of the position.”

Schaub agreed that next to the playoff loss to New England last season, this has been the toughest time in his career. He looked it on Sunday evening. Schaub was visibly distraught while standing at the podium following the game. But he was able to push past those feelings when he left the building.

“It’s pretty easy when you go home to three little kids who have no clue what just happened to you and what you’ve been through,” he said. “And you go home to your family, wife, your kids and your support group and you just try to get your mind off things as best you can.”

Schaub looked like a different person on Wednesday. The quarterback was smiling as he took the podium for his weekly chat with Houston reporters. He said his focus is no longer on the Seahawks game; that’s over. He’s looking ahead at a very tough 49ers’ defense.

“You just go right back to the drawing board,” he said.

But how will Schaub bounce back after the loss, the bad play, the mental mistakes, all topped with plenty of criticism?  

“He’ll respond very well,” offensive coordinator Rick Dennison said. “He’s a mentally tough kid.”

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