Schaub unsure what his future holds

Schaub unsure what his future holds
November 20, 2013, 4:00 pm
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Matt Schaub came into the 2013 season as the starting quarterback for a Super Bowl contender. He came into the season after throwing for over 4,000 yards and making another Pro Bowl appearance.

Now, there’s a really good chance the 32-year-old’s days in Houston are numbered. He’s lost his starting job and the team will be able to cut ties in the offseason without major salary-cap damage.

“I don’t know what the future (holds),” Schaub said at his locker on Wednesday. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. I just know that we have to go out and win a football game.”

Schaub joined the Texans in 2007 but hit a rough stretch to start this year, throwing nine interceptions (four returned for touchdowns) in the first five games of the season. It’s very possible Schaub has made his last start as a Houston Texan, but he claims he’s not thinking about his future.

“It’s what we’re here for. We take each week one at a time,” Schaub said. “When you’re in the length of the season and how long it is, and the marathon and the grind, you just have to focus on the next thing in front of you. If you’re thinking about the future or down the road or things beyond what’s right in front of you, you’re gonna miss something.”

Schaub lost his job when Case Keenum became the starter before the bye week against Kansas City. Despite Schaub’s getting into the game against the Raiders on Sunday, Keenum will make his fifth straight start this Sunday against the Jaguars.

At the end of Sunday’s game, Schaub and Andre Johnson got into a heated debate that ended once Johnson walked away from the quarterback and off the field in the waning moments. Johnson said the two quickly moved past the spat and their relationship is back to normal; they have been talking and joking with each other this week.

Johnson was asked about Schaub’s going from a starter to where he is now, a bench player who might not be with the team next season.

“I don’t think anybody saw this coming,” Johnson said. “But at the same time, it’s the nature of the business. Guys come, guys go. You hate to see it happen because me and him have played a lot of football together. I’ve caught a lot of passes from him. It’s something you hate to see but who knows?

"You never know what can happen. You hate to see what he went through as a player. I’m pretty sure it’s been very stressful for him. But at the same time, he still comes in here and prepares to go out and play. When his number’s called on, he’ll be ready to go. And that’s big of him because some guys would just throw in the towel. But he hasn’t done that."

Keenum was pulled late in the third quarter against the Raiders because Kubiak wanted the more veteran quarterback in the game because of the way he was going to coach the finish. Schaub said the team hadn’t discussed him coming into the game and he was given short notice he would be coming in. He had just a few throws on the sideline to warm up.

When he finally got on the field, the team needed to use a silent count because the boos in Reliant Stadium, their home field, were too loud.

“I can’t control how people feel or how they react,” Schaub said. “They’re fans. That’s what they’re there for, good or bad. We just have to handle it. We have to find a way to win.”

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