Schaub boos force use of silent count

Schaub boos force use of silent count
November 17, 2013, 7:15 pm
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Schaub on Johnson exchange: 'It's just emotions'

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When the Texans’ offense takes the field, the large screens at each end of the stadium display a message: “Quiet. Offense at work.”

When Matt Schaub entered the game for Case Keenum in the third quarter of Sunday’s loss, fans disregarded that message.

The boos rained down on the former starting quarterback of the team as he replaced the local hero. They were so loud that the Texans started to use a silent snap count, a measure usually reserved for road games.

“It was very disappointing,” left guard Wade Smith said. “It was disappointing because we had to go to our silent count at home because we couldn’t hear up front. That’s disappointing where you’re actually affecting how we have to play.

“Besides that, we’re all grown men and we have thick skin and things of that nature but the fact that we actually had to adjust what we were doing, to put ourself at a little bit of a disadvantage like we’re on the road, that was the most disappointing thing. But, like I said, we’re big boys. We’re grown men. When there’s a lot of accolades on it, we don’t shy away from those, so when there’s criticism, can’t shy away from that either. It just is what it is.”

Smith said he couldn’t remember another time when home fans forced a change in the way the offense operated.

“These fans here in Houston they are so up and down and so wishy-washy,” running back Ben Tate said. “I’m just shocked because this organization has come a long way. I don’t know. I just feel like if you’re a true fan, you’re going to stick with the team through the tough times. We’re going a tough time and regardless of who’s back there. Fans are going to be fans I guess.”

Wide receiver called the actions of the fans “unprofessional” and Andre Johnson said he didn’t approve.