A recent history of Texans in Pro Bowl

A recent history of Texans in Pro Bowl
January 24, 2013, 8:00 am
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There are are nine Texans in Hawaii for this season's Pro Bowl. It's a franchise record and a league-high this season.

J.J. Watt, Johnathan Joseph, Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels, Matt Schaub, Arian Foter, Chris Myers, Wade Smith and Duane Brown are all in the Pro Bowl.

It made us think about how Texans have done in the past in the NFL's annual All-Star game.

2011: Foster, Joseph, Myers, Smith

Johnathan Joseph, in his first Pro Bowl, had an interception, three tackles and two passes deflected. Antonio Smith had one tackle and one QB hit.

2010: Foster, Johnson, Vonta Leach

Foster had just three carries for 13 yards. He fumbled but the AFC recovered. Foster also had two catches for nine yards.

2009: Schaub, Brian Cushing, Johnson, DeMeco Ryans, Mario Williams

Believe it or not, Matt Schaub had the best Pro Bowl of any Texan in this game. He completed 13 of his 17 passes for 189 yards and two touchdowns on his way to earning the game's MVP. Andre Johnson caught a 33-yard touchdown pass to open the scoring for the AFC. He had three catches for 71 yards on five targets.

On the defensive side of the ball, Mario Williams had three tackles, two sacks and three QB hits. DeMeco Ryans had three tackles.

2008: Daniels, Johnson, Williams

Owen Daniels had two catches for 30 yards and a touchdown. It came on a nine-yard pass from Kerry Collins. Andre Johnson had two catches for 29 yards. Mario Williams had two tackles (only defensive player).

2007: Ryans

Ryans had four tackles and three solo tackles

2006: Johnson

2005: Jerome Mathis

2004: Johnson

2002: Aaron Glenn, Gary Walker

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