Producer Paul's week 13 picks

Producer Paul's week 13 picks
November 27, 2013, 11:15 pm
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(Andrew Weber - USA Today Sports Images)

A perfect .500 heading into Thanksgiving. Called for a big week this week, so here goes nothing: changing it up to include the Thursday games.


Lions - 7 VS Packers

The Packers lose, BUT I do remember a 9-6-1 team that went to an NFC title game not too long ago (2008 Eagles). Aaron Rodgers can get this team to the playoffs, if he comes back next week.


Ravens -3 VS Steelers

Reverse jinx keeps the Steelers rollin.


Jaguars +7 AT Browns

I also remember saying hinting that I maybe thought Brandon Weeden could succeed might play a down in the NFL. But that was a long time ago. In Gus we trust.


Colts -4 VS Titans

Sure heading into this week, both these teams can claim they would make the playoffs if they started now. But they don’t. The AFC South is making a very strong charge to claim the title of worst division in the NFL.


Bucs +9AT Panthers

You guys ready for this stunner? Everyone is all but handing the NFC South to Carolina because the Saints have to go into Seattle this week, and then saying it is the Saints that have two tough games against the Panthers  - not the other way around. Cam and company escaped last week, they get caught looking way ahead at home this week. Everyone loses a big hand 'Riverboat Ron' , no big deal.


Vikings - 1 VS Bears

I will not make the same mistake two weeks in a row. Bears and Colts both +1 on the road last week in games, I thought they probably should have been favored. Cardinals blew out the Colts, Bears made a game of it but lost to the Rams. I will not make the same mistake two weeks in a row.


Raiders +9 AT Cowboys

One of the finer things in life: talking to Cowboys fans about the final game of the season against the Eagles, most likely for the division title and a playoff spot.


Eagles -3 VS Cardinals

I guarantee Mike Vick starts another game for the Eagles this season. GUAR-AN-TEE. (injury or otherwise). Especially now that I picked up Foles and jettisoned Vick.


Dolphins +1 AT Jets

I was so close to picking the Jets, and then I remembered the Ed Reed mush.


Patriots -9 AT Texans

And moving on...


Bills - 3.5 VS Falcons

Ohh Caaaandaaaa. I am so, so, sorry you have to watch this game.


49ers ??? VS Rams

Blind Pick!  (looks up line)


49ers -8 VS Rams


Broncos -5 AT Chiefs

All of a sudden KC is gonna lose 3 straight? Yes. This reminds me of something I said 2 weeks ago: "Remember that Packers vs. Texans game last season when all of a sudden there was a crack in the previously undefeated 5-0 facade? And then it took two months but then a pipe burst against the Patriots before it all started falling apart. Consider this (Chiefs vs Broncos 1) the Packers game for the Chiefs.

And after last week's Denver loss, the Chiefs facade will continue to crack at a much faster rate this weekend.


Chargers ??? VS Bengals

Pass the stuffing let's go blind picks twice!

(looks up line)


Chargers -1 VS Bengals

Giants -1 AT Redskins

I never, ever, thought I would say this, but maybe RG III should take that audience with Donovan McNabb.


Saints +6 AT Seahawks

Everyone is picking the Seahawks this week. Bounty > PEDs/Substance Abuse/ Cheaters.


Last week: 7-6   Season: 80-80-4