Producer Paul's Picks: Week 17

Producer Paul's Picks: Week 17
December 28, 2013, 3:30 pm
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(Don McPeak - USA Today Sports Images)
CSN Houston's Producer Paul has been making his NFL picks all year to the detriment of his own sanity. Here are his picks (in bold) for the NFL's final week:
Titans -7.5 VS Texans
How about A.J. McCarron for the Texans? They get to trade out of (possibly) the top spot, to the middle of the first round and maybe even further. It wouldn't shock me if they are able to get him early in the second. I'd much rather go that route than take someone like Teddy Bridgewater or JaDeveon Clowney number 1 overall. He's not the most mobile guy, but as the entire city of Houston saw, mobility doesn't mean anything if you can't play the position. All he did was succeed at an exceptional level at the best program in college football for 3 years.
Falcons +6 VS Panthers
I'm gonna say that the Saints will be less than an hour from kickoff of their late afternoon game and thinking that the NFC South title is a real possibility.
Steelers -7 VS Browns
Steelers with the most improbable scenario to make the playoffs, they stay alive against the Browns....
Bengals - 7 VS Ravens
Cinci keeps the Steelers alive with a win while knocking out the defending Super Bowl champs. And they lock themselves into the third seed. Good chance the Bengals didn't want to see Baltimore in the first round, but what if the Steelers end up in the 6 spot? 
Jets +6 AT Dolphins
What an absolute stinkbomb by the Dolphins last weekend in Buffalo with a chance to grab a playoff spot by the (horns). I could see the Jets laying it all out there in what Rex Ryan is probably telling his team is his final game, going down to the wire, and with the Steelers locker room watching intently minutes after their win, the last scene of 'Playmakers' breaks out.
Giants -3.5 VS Redskins
Coughlin's frozen red-face vs Shanahan's fake and bake red/borderline orange face.
Colts - 11 VS Jaguars
The first round bye isn't going to fall into Indy's lap, but they'll play like it will.
Vikings -3 VS Lions
Even better (worse?) than Detroit's collapse, Jim Schwartz saying the season was not a failure. I'm willing to bet he actually believes his own BS on that one. 
Packers -3 AT Bears
Green Bay with Rodgers is the scariest team in the NFC. And to think if the Seahawks lose and 49ers win, everyone's darling 'best team in the NFC' will be heading to Lambeau in the first round.
Saints -13 VS Bucs
If the Saints don't make the playoffs, that will be a worse 'collapse' than the Lions. It's pretty hard to call 10-6 a collapse but losing 4 of the last 5 would be exactly that. If they get in and go to Philly though, I like the Saints.
Broncos -11.5 AT Raiders
I'd be nervous about the Von Miller loss but at least Peyton Manning doesn't have a history of dominating in the regular season only to bow out early in the playoffs.

Patriots -9 VS Bills

That being said, tough to envision anything other than Patriots vs Broncos in the AFC Title game.

49ers +1 AT Cardinals
I've been saying all season I can't see the Cardinals in the playoffs. Why stop now.
Chargers -10 VS Chiefs
There's definitely a part of me that thinks Andy Reid played possum to a point against the Colts counting on a first round rematch. If the Chargers are somehow still alive after the early games, you would think they get the job done and get in. Of course the Steelers would beg to differ.

Seahawks -12 VS Rams
Let's say Seattle takes care of business to lock up the bye. Based on who I have making the playoffs, they get the Saints (who won't let a repeat of that blowout in Seattle happen again), Rodgers' led Packers, or 49ers in the second round. Pick your poison Seattle.
Eagles -7 AT Cowboys
So it crossed my mind towards the end of this week: what if the Eagles lose? That is not even considered an option in the city of brotherly love. Might not even be considered an option in Dallas. Regardless, Chip Kelly's inaugural campaign is a success. But a loss Sunday night sure would be a huge letdown.

Speaking of huge letdown, last week. Whattya say let's go for a + .500 finish before we get to the playoffs?!

Last Week: 6-10. Season: 109-111-6

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