Producer Paul’s Sunday divisional round picks

Producer Paul’s Sunday divisional round picks
January 11, 2014, 3:30 pm
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Here's how I did Saturday. And here's a look at Sunday's schedule of games.

49ers -3 at Panthers

Ok, so I’ve admittedly been down on Carolina during most of their second half surge but make no mistake – I love Riverboat Ron’s freewheeling ways and respect their defense led by arguably the best defensive player in football in Luke Kuechly. But the offense is just too inconsistent. Five times this season the Panthers have been held to 17 points or fewer.

Colin Kaepenick had his his own bouts with inconsistency but that only happened to the 49ers three times. It’s not even a knock on Cam Newton, it’s just an overall unit inconsistency. But combine that with Newton’s first playoff game, and he’ll try to do too much in front of the home crowd and the 49ers will head to their third straight NFC title game. Did I mention the 49ers didn’t have Vernon Davis or Michael Crabtree in that week 10, 10-9 loss? Well they didn’t and Carolina had a healthy Steve Smith

49ers 24-13

Broncos -9 vs. Chargers

I can’t really understand why this is the game that everyone is expecting an upset. We all know Peyton Manning has come up short in his fair share of playoff games, but let’s not overthink ourselves people. It’s probably 89 percent mental, but if I’m a Denver fan, I’m glad they lost once to the Chargers this season. No one wants to have to try and beat a team for the third time in the same season. I’d venture to say the Chargers are even an overconfident underdog. If that makes any sense. No? Oh well, carry on. Broncos roll.

Broncos 34-17

Last Week: 2-1-1. Season: 123-116-7