Producer Paul’s Picks: Week 9

Producer Paul’s Picks: Week 9
November 2, 2013, 3:45 pm
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Picks in bold:

Panthers -7.5 vs. Falcons
Just because I took the sucker’s points with the Falcons in Arizona last week, and got what I deserved DOES NOT mean that the Cardinals are better than everyone thinks.  It just means that the Texans could go winless the rest of the season and the Falcons still would probably edge them out for biggest disappointment.

Cowboys -10 vs. Vikings
The Saints inability to close out the Patriots was bad. The Cowboys stealing a loss from the Lions was worse.

Ravens -3 at Browns
Judging by degrees of Rob Ryan, the Browns are losing in the final 90 seconds to the Ravens this week.

Saints – 6 at Jets
Cannot make this line high enough. Come to think of it, the Saints have to be KILLING Vegas this season.


And whattya know – 6-1 against the spread. One Kenbrell Thompkins catch away from being a perfect 7-0.

Titans -3 at Rams
Both these teams have more wins than the Texans. Really.

Bills +3 vs. Chiefs
And the undefeated Andy Reid era in Kansas City comes to an end in Buffalo. True story. Lock. It. Up.

Raiders –3 vs. Eagles.
The Philadelphia 76ers are 2-0! One Team, One City, One Dream.

Chargers –1 at Redskins
OK people can we please calm down with Philip Rivers ‘revival’ and ‘back among the elite in 2013.’ I want him to throw touchdowns to Keenan Allen as much as anyone, but let’s pump the brakes.

Seahawks -17 vs. Bucs
So, uh Greg, FAU is looking for a new head coach…but no, no you cannot bring your vials of MRSA to a college campus.

Patriots -7 vs. Steelers
That poor, poor tortured Boston fan base. How did they manage celebrating those last two World Series wins with the Red Sox clinching on the road.

Also – anyone know Tim McCarver’s last words on air were? (The way that farewell dragged on, I never thought McCarver and Joe Buck were ever going to sign off after that game): “Ditto.”

Texans - ????? vs. Colts
1-0 with the blind picks so far which I like. I’m assuming its around plus-6, and I’m gonna go ahead and say the Texans win just to keep things interesting for a little while.

First Case Keenum, now the roof may even be open, in another 10 weeks Gary Kubiak may be in full on ‘no rules’ mode. And ‘No Rules’ makes ‘Let’s get weird’ look tame.

(looks up spread)

Texans +1
Hmm. Guess the Texans are winning.

Packers -10.5 vs. Bears.
Remember that 10-game run I talked about the Packers going on? This is only the halfway point people.

Last Week: 6-6-0 Season: 58-52-2

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