Producer Paul’s Picks: Week 8

Producer Paul’s Picks: Week 8
October 26, 2013, 12:45 pm
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Not a whole lot went well last weekend. That Cowboys-Eagles game set back football about 20 years. One fantasy team had Jay Cutler, Doug Martin and Reggie Wayne all go down (I lost), while the other had the dream of a perfect season die a slow death with each Hakeem Nicks’ drop Monday night.

But on the bright side, the Texans almost beat the Chiefs! Case Keenum stared down the best defense in the league and gave them a run for their money all the way until he took that last sack. It was a debut to be excited about if you’re a Texans fan for sure. But I don’t know that he did enough to keep Matt Schaub from starting one last game against the Colts: for the season, for Schaub’s job if not career, and maybe, depending which direction the spiral turns, for Gary Kubiak’s job.

The only other person I’ve heard say Schaub gets one more shot is Keenan McCardell, so that gives me some hope that I’m not completely out of my mind, but I really don’t think it is as much of a lock as everyone else in this town that Keenum goes out there on Sunday Night Football next week. I could be completely wrong but consider this: Kubiak handpicked Schaub to run his offense for now the seventh season. I’m not convinced he doesn’t send him out there one last time.

Picks in bold:

49ers – 15.5 at Jaguars
I know 7-7 is nothing to write home about, but last week felt like a 3-11 week. So I’m happy with .500.

Lions -3 vs. Cowboys
This is what I don’t understand: Tony Romo goes toe to toe with Peyton Manning, and by all accounts this game could also be a shootout. I don’t care if it’s Joseph Randle or James Palmer at tailback, why was that game against the Eagles so anemic on offense on both sides of the ball?

Eagles -5 vs. Giants
So we got one Michael Vick injury out of the way. Let’s say he wins a few games (or loses a few they’ll stay in the division race either way), comes up lame again about halfway through week 10 against Green Bay, sits out against Washington and then the bye, and then comes out firing for the final stretch.

Browns +9 at Chiefs
This was basically the same spread when the Raiders were in town to face the Chiefs and my reasoning for laying the nine points there was because it screamed back door cover. And sure enough it came to fruition. So, yea, about that. Let’s make it: Chiefs -9 vs. Browns

Saints - ??? vs. Bills
So on Bovada there is no line up for this game. I know I could easily find it elsewhere, but I like this idea of betting the line blind. Consider this a staple going forward.

(looks up spread)

Looks like Saints -11 vs. Bills. I like this already. Even better than Beer Hunter.

Patriots -7 vs. Dolphins
The team that hated that Jets win more than anyone, Miami. I might have given them a fighting chance before that.

Bengals -6 vs. Jets

Steelers -3 at Raiders
I told you guys, the Steelers are not dead. Just very badly burned.

Broncos -13 vs. Redskins
Watching that Colts-Broncos game, it dawned on me (if not everyone) about halfway through the second quarter: “Wait a second, no one gave Andrew Luck and the Colts EVEN A CHANCE, at home.” Washington just happens to be there for the Broncos rebound this week. Lucky them.

Falcons +3 at Cardinals
Man is this a sucker’s pick. But Arizona is bad, really bad.

Packers -10 at Vikings
I said the Cowboys and Eagles set football back 20 years. I lied. The Vikings set it back 200. And I suffered through that display into the third quarter until I had one Hakeem Nicks drop too many and accepted that fact that, just like the Patriots in 2007, 19-0 will not happen for Vicktory Formation.

Seahawks -12 at Rams
Vince Young is upset that teams aren’t calling. Poor Vince.

Last Week: 7-7-0 Season: 52-46-2