Producer Paul’s Picks: Week 15

Producer Paul’s Picks: Week 15
December 14, 2013, 5:45 pm
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Texans looking for first win in Indy

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Picks in bold:

Redskins +7 at Falcons
The most dysfunctional (and that’s saying something in a season that witnessed the MRSA-ridden Bucs and Bully-Ridden Dolphins) against the most disappointing (I’m calling it a tie between the Texans and Falcons).

49ers -6 at Bucs
Strange season by the bay. I never felt like the 49ers were in danger of not making the playoffs, but it’s also hard to believe Colin Kaepernick has regressed to the point that San Francisco has the worst passing offense in the NFL.

Seahawks -7 at Giants

Browns (pick ‘em) vs. Bears
I don’t know how I can take the Browns to win anything after that loss to the Patriots. I reserve the right to change this by the end of the column but messin’ with the McCown mojo will cost the Bears.

Jaguars +2 vs. Bills
They need a QB in the worst way, but I’m that close to saying something incredibly stupid like Jacksonville will win eight games next year.

Colts -6 vs. Texans
The Colts look awful. There are only two things keeping me from taking the Texans: They have never won in Indianapolis and they have lost 11 straight. Really, that’s it.

Dolphins +1.5 vs. Patriots
If the Patriots had lost last week, I’m easily taking them in Miami. But at what point does a team that keeps finding a way to pull wins out of their (backside), turn into a team that just expects that to happen?  

Eagles –7 at Vikings
The last time the Eagles had to beat a terrible Vikings team to grab a stranglehold of the division, Joe Webb ran wild and sent fantasy football leagues everywhere into hysteria since he was listed as a QB/WR.

Jets +10.5 at Panthers
That is a lot of points. Also, don’t rule out the Panthers looking ahead to the Saints again next weekend. Was anyone else completely not surprised about the Saints abusing the Panthers last Sunday? Panthers pull this one out, but as I’ve been telling Dave Zangaro for weeks now, the Saints will beat Carolina both times this season.

Chiefs -6 at Raiders
Interesting to think about KC slipping up here, but don’t think its happening.

Titans +3 vs. Cardinals
The only way I’ll be convinced Arizona is going to make the playoffs is if it happens.

Cowboys ??? vs. Packers

I really want to take the Packers so that Aaron Rodgers can (eventually, one of these games) come back and scare the hell out of every other playoff team in the NFC. But I think the Green Bay finally runs out of time trying to keep it afloat without Rodgers.

(looks up line)

Cowboys -6.5 vs. Packers

Saints –7 at Rams
Fantasy Football playoffs are the worst. Jimmy Graham has to watch the rest from the sidelines. That is all.

Bengals -3 at Steelers
I guess. This division stinks.

Lions –6 vs. Ravens
You know why Jimmy Graham is sitting on the sidelines? Because of you, Matt Stafford. Because you couldn’t hold onto the football or throw to your best player in the snow.

Last Week: 7-8. Season: 96-94-5

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