Producer Paul’s Picks: Week 12

Producer Paul’s Picks: Week 12
November 23, 2013, 5:15 pm
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Picks in bold:

Lions -9 vs. Bucs
Just stay healthy, Matt Stafford. I have no desire to be the regular season juggernaut that loses in the first round of the fantasy football playoffs.

Jaguars +10 at Texans
So here’s my defense of Gary Kubiak benching Case Keenum for Matt Schaub because he didn’t want to put a young QB in a bad situation:

He didn’t want the kid’s confidence destroyed for the rest of the season, so pulling him instead of letting him try to figure out how to handle the Raiders’ pressure on the fly was the right move. After all he has six more games to develop him.

I tried, really, I’ve got nothing.

I would think the only way Kubiak saves his job is if he can go to Bob McNair and say look how I’ve developed this kid as a QB, we have something to build on going forward. To do that, he has to break down the second half wall Keenum has continually run into (winless just in case anyone forgot).

Packers -4.5 vs. Vikings
My favorite Matt Flynn anecdote: Aaron Rodgers was mic’d up for a game a few seasons ago and when he and Flynn were on the sidelines, some fan in the front row had a ‘No. 10 Flynn’ jersey on. Rodgers says something to the effect of “wow really? C’mon Flynny you know that guy or something?”

Should have been a warning sign to everyone.

Chargers +5 at Chiefs
Sure it makes perfect sense that San Diego will end their three-game, post-bye losing streak in Arrowhead. I’m sensing a little bit of a post-Denver hangover for KC.

Dolphins +4.5 vs. Panthers
Even if the Panthers escape Miami with a win, they get caught in a big-time letdown game.

Browns -1 vs. Steelers
At this rate, I may reverse jinx the Steelers all the way to that AFC North title I predicted at the beginning of the season.

Ravens -4 vs. Jets
Ed Reed Mush.

Bears +1 at Rams
I’m as down on the Bears as much as anyone but this line doesn’t seem right. More importantly let’s just focus on Zac Stacy and Matt Forte turning in dueling 100-plus yard, multi-TD games.

Colts +1 at Cardinals
Andrew Luck bests his former OC. Another game I’m pretty sure the wrong team is favored. Over-inflated NFC West?

Titans -1 at Raiders
I don’t know if Matt McGloin even played that good a game in college all things considered, but let’s see how he does against Gregg Williams and the Titans non-stop pressure.

Cowboys +3 at Giants
Hate to ruin the Giants annual ‘left for dead and come back to win the Super Bowl’ party, but as everyone assumes that’s gonna happen again, the Cowboys cut the Cinderella story short this year.

Broncos (???) at Patriots
Blind pick despite this: Peyton Manning 2-9 all-time in New England; 2-7 in New England vs. Tom Brady.

(Looks up line)

Denver -1 at Patriots

49ers –6 at Redskins
Give Colin Kaepernick and RG III credit – both refuse to let go of their grip on the ‘most disappointing second year starting QB’ trophy.

Speaking of disappointing, I’m gonna predict another pedestrian picks week in Week 12 before a break out campaign next week.

Last Week: 5-8-1. Season: 73-74-4