Producer Paul’s Picks: NFL Week 7

Producer Paul’s Picks: NFL Week 7
October 19, 2013, 6:00 pm
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Case Keenum threw his first-ever NFL touchdown on Friday night.

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You got your wish Houston: Let’s go Keenum Krazy!

With Matt Schaub sidelined, it is really the only decision to make. Gary Kubiak talked about a spark, Andre Johnson talked about Keenum’s aura, Duane Brown talked about the second year-QB’s arm and T.J. Yates talked about his surprise.

Unfortunately for Yates, he’s a poor man’s Schaub.

Kliff Kingsbury, the head coach of 6-0 Texas Tech and Keenum’s QB coach and offensive coordinator joined SportsTalk Live Thursday to talk about what his former pupil brings to the table.

“The biggest thing is his ability to extend the play. He has some of best feet I've ever seen,” Kingsbury said. “He’s one of those guys that has eyes in back of his head in the pocket and that’s big facing a defense that likes to pressure. He’s a guy the locker room will rally around. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went out against good defense and put on a pretty good show."

Naturally, Texans fans are expecting someone who has yet to take his first NFL snap to set the world on fire against the Chiefs. I’m expecting something more like this:

16-28, 187 YDS, TD, INT and….(wait for it)…a Texans win.

As great as the Chiefs pass rush and defensive playmakers have been (30 sacks, 18 takeaways), they are susceptible to the run (116 ypg).

The Texans should run the ball 45-50 times, and let’s face it: the Houston defense is overdue for a game where they force three turnovers, and Alex Smith – who hasn’t been great – gift wraps at least one touchdown.

Picks in bold:

Texans +7 at Chiefs
On a side note, I have been searching for “Case Keenum pick-6 prop bet” to no avail. If nothing else, I say the Texans hit the QB pick-6 trifecta Sunday (Eric Berry c’mon down). And Houston still wins.

Falcons –7 vs. Bucs
The Falcons have a chance to come storming out of the bye against the Bucs, Cardinals and Panthers before hosting the Seahawks. I say they do.

Eagles -2.5 vs. Cowboys
If Nick Foles beats Dallas and New York at home the next two weeks, it would be hard to imagine that Michael Vick ever gets his job back.

49ers -4 at Titans
I don’t know why I have a feeling that the 49ers are going to struggle in this game – so I’m going to ignore it.

Patriots -4 at Jets
The ‘Rob Ryan face’ has to be in the running for shot of the year. But I do feel for the guy, how many times in three minutes does his defense have to stop Tom Brady? All of a sudden Drew Brees, Sean Payton & company go into gutless mode and, well, yea. No brotherly revenge here.

Bills +9.5 at Dolphins
The Dolphins get caught looking ahead to New England next week, but recover in time to pull out the W.

Jaguars +9 vs. Chargers
I feel like a lot of people are picking this, but all the elements are there for the Jags to get their first (only?) W.

Bears -1 at Redskins
And the Bears head into the bye 5-2. Just like they started the season 7-1 last year.

Packers -10 vs. Browns
The Packers have to be calling the Giants about Hakeem Nicks right? The guy finished back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons just two years ago. Randall Cobb is out, James Jones is banged up. If I’m Aaron Rodgers, I’m badgering Ted Thompson about this. I’m also throwing the ball to Jarrett Boykin 12 times this week and seeing how many he drops to further prove my point.

Panthers -6.5 vs. Rams
I didn’t feel good about laying any number higher than -.5 with the Panthers until I saw that the Rams have the Seahawks at home next week on Monday Night Football. Couple that with a big win in Houston: Have a day, Luke Keuchly.

Steelers -1 vs. Ravens
If the NFC East is the ugliest girl at the dance, the AFC North is ‘dark bar hot.’ You’re in for a rude awakening when the lights come on in the playoffs.

Lions -3 vs. Bengals
“So are we going back to my”— (Lights come on) – “Oh. My….uh…man, I really should not have had that last shot of Rumple Minze.”

Broncos -7 at Colts
Jim Irsay knows as well as anyone that Peyton Manning has been preparing for this game from the moment he left Indy. Why not mess with him a little this week? I know, I know – “you don’t want to make Peyton angry…You WONT LIKE HIM WHEN HE’S ANGRY!!” It doesn’t matter. If Peyton loses this game, than maybe it was Oct. 21,, 2013 that the Mayans were talking about.

Vikings +3.5 at Giants
A Cowboys fan said to me this week: “This would be just like the Giants: dead in the water, Coughlin all but fired, Eli looks terrible – and then they roll off 9 out of 10 wins and are right in the mix at the end in a lousy division.” Fair. But No.

Last Week: 10-4-0. Season: 45-39-2

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