Place Your Bets: Texans' Super Bowl odds

Place Your Bets: Texans' Super Bowl odds
April 30, 2013, 3:30 pm
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Now that the draft is completed and OTAs and minicamp are just around the corner, we have the updated Super Bowl odds.

According to's RJ Bell, the Texans' odds to win the Super Bowl are 18/1, the seventh-shortest odds to win it all. They're tied with the Saints.

There are six teams with better odds to win it all: 49ers (6/1), Broncos (7/1), Patriots (8/1), Seahawsks (9/1), Packers (12/1), Falcons (17/1).

The longest odds to win the Super Bowl? The Raiders and Jaguars are both 200/1. As far as the other AFC South teams, the Colts are 40/1 and the Titans are 140/1.

The Texans, after drafting DeAndre Hopkins in the first round of the draft, have an Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate.

Hopkins' odds to win the award are 12/1. There are six players with shorter odds: Geno Smith (5/1), Tavon Austin (13/2), Montee Ball (8/1), Eddie Lacy (8/1), Cordarrelle Patterson (8/1), Tyler Eifert (10/1).

The Texans don't have a Defensive Rookie of the Year candidate but the Lions' Ezekiel Ansah and the Steelers' Jarvis Jones are both the favorites at 8/1.

And because no football conversation is complete without Tim Tebow ... his next league will be ...

NFL: 68 percent chance
CFL: 13 percent chance ($100 wins $400)
Never plays again: 13 percent chance ($100 wins $400)
Arena football: Six percent chance ($100 wins $1000)