Phillips: 'Somebody throws those guys the ball'

Phillips: 'Somebody throws those guys the ball'
October 3, 2013, 2:30 pm
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Matt Schaub has been under fire this week but plenty of his teammates and coaches have supported him.

Add Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips to that list.

"We have complete confidence in our offense and our quarterback as I belive they have in us," Phillips said on Thursday.

Schaub has thrown pick-6s in three consecutive weeks. His interception that was returned for a touchdown on Sunday tied the game and the Texans lost in overtime.

"I look at it and say, look we have the leading receiver in the league, in the NFL. We got Andre Johnson, the leading receiver in the league," Phillips said. "We got the rookie that's the Rookie of the Month as a wide receiver. Somebody throws those guys the ball. I mean, somebody gets them the ball. So I have a lot of confidence in our quarterback and our offense and we just need to keep playing and keep playing well and play in a high level every ballgame and we're gonna win a lot of games."