Phillips on penalties: More time-outs coming

Phillips on penalties: More time-outs coming
December 17, 2013, 8:00 am
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The Texans brought in officials from the Big 12 last week in an attempt to thwart their penalty problem.

Didn't work.

Maybe they ought to try the SEC?

They Texans tied their franchise record of 14 penalties for the third time this season and the second time in two weeks. They didn’t come close to last week’s 177 penalty yards but had 114 against the Colts.

Interim coach Wade Phillips said last week during practice, when a player would commit a penalty, he would make them come out of practice and go to the side, “kind of like a timeout. Something to embarrass them a little bit,” he said.

The Texans will continue to bring officials to practice and Phillips will continue to administer these grownup timeouts even though Phillips said some of the penalties the team committed during practice carried over into the game.

“Not everything is taken care of in one week,” Phillips said. “We have a whole offseason, a whole training camp to put a team together and then to say well, in one week all of the sudden you’re going to change everything. That’s not really realistic. I was hoping that we would do better.”

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