Phillips: Manning's record-tying TD shouldn't have counted

Phillips: Manning's record-tying TD shouldn't have counted
December 27, 2013, 2:15 pm
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Phillips: NFL says Peyton-Decker TD shouldn't count

(Troy Taormina - USA Today Sports Images)

Upon further review, the NFL has told the Houston Texans one of Peyton Manning's touchdowns last week should not have counted.

That would be Manning's record-tying 50th touchdown pass of the season, one thrown to Eric Decker in last week's 37-13 Broncos victory. Manning would later throw the record-breaking 51st touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas.

"The league did come back and say the ball was juggled by Decker and shouldn't have been a touchdown," Wade Phillips said. "So I guess they're going to have to take that Hall of Fame ball that they sent to the Hall of Fame back. And I feel bad for Peyton celebrating the record and it really didn't happen."

In all seriousness, the record won't be reversed. Manning still officially owns the record. At the time Decker made the touchdown catch, the play was reviewed and upheld as a score.

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