PFF: Texans' O-line in NFL's bottom half

PFF: Texans' O-line in NFL's bottom half
January 14, 2014, 8:15 am
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Need a reason for the Texans' struggles in 2013?

Well, you might not need to look any further than the offensive line. Last season, when the Texans won 12 games, their offensive line was ranked 10th in the league by ProFootballFocus.

This year, the team won two games and the O-line was ranked 21st.

"A line that has talent but didn’t always live up to it," writes PFF. "Wade Smith remains a player not matching the high expectations he created in his first year, while the right tackle spot is just a mess at this point. The good news is Brandon Brooks is coming along nicely, but you do wonder if a change in offensive schemes might leave some players out of place."

PFF ranked the team's pass blocking as 27th in the league, the run blocking at 11th and the team's discipline as 21st.

PFF's stud on the line was left tackle Duane Brown, who finished with a 14.6 grade even though he didn't have the same season he did in 2012. Brown is heading to the Pro Bowl.

The dud is no surprise. Right tackle Derek Newton took that honor with a negative-24.3 grade.

The worst line in the league belonged to the Arizona Cardinals, while the best belonged to the Denver Broncos.

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