Peterson impressing everyone including Vikings

Peterson impressing everyone including Vikings
December 19, 2012, 12:15 pm
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Everyone appears to be in awe of everything Adrian Peterson is doing this season including his head coach, Leslie Frazier.

"It's just amazing to watch," Frazier said. "An ACL injury at any position can be a career ending injury and to see Adrian come back on not quite a year removed and play the way he's playing, not just come back, but be the best at the position. It's amazing to watch and it's fun to watch." 

Peterson leads the NFL with 1,812 rushing yards and is closing on the NFL rushing record of 2,105 yards held by Eric Dickerson with two games to play. To put things in perspective, Peterson has more rushing yards the last seven weeks than Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder has passing. And to show you that his knee has not affected his speed and hasn't affected the way he runs through tacklers, Peterson's 909 yards after contact would tie him for 13th in rushing right now.

Frazier saw that Peterson was on a pace much faster in his recovery than any other player he's ever seen recover from an ACL injury. It was early on that he knew they were witnessing something remarkable.

"Once we took him off the PUP list and let him begin to practice with his teammates, he was just much further ahead any of us thought," Frazier said. "He would always tell me that he was ready to go. He told me he was ready to go the first day we reported to training camp."

Once the season came around the thought was to ease Peterson back and the Vikings did that to an extent but not really. And it was because of what they saw on the field.

"Going back to that first ball game against Jacksonville," Frazier said quickly. "The way he played in that game, when you consider he hadn't had any real contact in the preseason, we held him out of the preseason and we kind of wanted to let him develop as the year went on. But the way he played in that game, I was like wow."

"I couldn't have predicted he was going to be at 1,800-yards even after that game," Frazier added. "But I just knew it wasn't one of those things with most guys where the second is really the year where they come back and really have the play they had before. But you could see that something was different and he was ahead of schedule in a lot of ways."

When asked about Peterson winning the MVP, Frazier was to the point and direct.

"The ACL injury for a running back, you guys have been around sports for a while as well, (and) you don't see what we're seeing. And it's not like we have a lot of things around him."

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