Penalties a problem again in Colts loss

Penalties a problem again in Colts loss
December 15, 2013, 6:45 pm
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Texans try to explain penalty issues

During the past week of practice, interim head coach Wade Phillips brought in officials from the Big 12 in an attempt to thwart his team’s penalty problems.

Maybe this week he should bring in officials from the SEC.

A week after setting a franchise record for penalties in a game, the Texans tied it on Sunday in Indianapolis. They were penalized 14 times for 114 yards in a 25-3 loss.

“Yeah, penalties are going to kill you,” linebacker Darryl Sharpton said to reporters in Indy. “They’re just negative plays that you just dig yourself a hole that’s tough to get out of. Most of the penalties are discipline penalties, you jump offsides and stuff like that. And you can’t win with those type of penalties.”

A big pass interference call on Sharpton in the first half set up the Colts’ second touchdown.
“That's very disheartening,” interim coach Wade Phillips said of the penalties. “Again, 10 of them in the first half, which really hurt our defense. I don't know what pass interference is anymore. I thought the guy made a heckuva play and they give them the ball on the 1-yard line.”

During the week, Phillips said the officials would be at practice for the rest of the season, which might be a good thing. The Texans look like they still need a ton of help to stop the penalties.

They have two games left to break their 12-game losing streak.

“We have to keep fighting,” Phillips said. “That's what you have to do and that's what I expect of them and that's what I demand of them these last two ballgames. We have to practice, we gotta try to get better no matter what, we certainly have to try to cut down on penalties but we got to execute better.”

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