O'Brien, Texans decide to go sans OC

O'Brien, Texans decide to go sans OC
February 6, 2014, 8:00 am
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The Texans have a head coach, defensive coordinator, position coaches. They even have a Director of Football Research to, you know, research football stuff.

But they don't have an offensive coordinator.

Instead, head coach Bill O'Brien will call the plays for the 2014 Texans. The announcement of the staff on Wednesday confirmed that there would be no OC, which was a popular belief for the last couple weeks.

It would make sense if quarterbacks coach George Godsey has an expanded role of some sort in the Texans' offense.

Godsey spent the last three seasons with the Patriots but his relationship with O'Brien dates back to the early 2000s. Godsey was O'Brien's quarterbacks coach at Georgia Tech in 2001. So Godsey should have a good idea of what type of offense O'Brien wants to run. It's also very possible O'Brien will groom Godsey to be the offensive coordinator of the future.

Not having an offensive coordinator is unusual -- the Texans appear to be the only team in the NFL without one -- but it's not unheard of. In fact, O'Brien's former NFL team, the Patriots, didn't have an offensive coordinator in 2009 or 2010, when he was the quarterbacks coach. He was named the offensive coordinator in 2011.

And in 2010, the Patriots didn't have an offensive coordinator or a defensive coordinator. Instead, O'Brien ran the offense and head coach Bill Belichick had an expanded role in the defense.

"Titles are fine, nothing wrong with them," Belichick said before the 2010 season to Patriots.com, via ESPN, "but the most important thing is each person's role, that we do everything we can to help the players succeed -- everyone collectively getting the job done."

Having a head coach call plays isn't anything new for Houston either. Former head coach Gary Kubiak called the offensive plays for the Texans. Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison helped Kubiak with game-planning and running practice. It wasn't until Kubiak wasn't able to coach for health reasons, and then after he was fired, when Dennison took the reigns as a play-caller.

Basically, Dennison was a guy Kubiak could talk about play-calling with, a guy to bounce some ideas off of. Just because O'Brien doesn't have an offensive coordinator by title, he'll still do that. He'll probably talk plenty with Godsey about play-calling and he'll probably talk to his right-hand man Jim Bernhardt too.

Some people are worried O'Brien will have too much on his plate as a head coach and offensive coordinator and they might be right. But the Texans are trusting him to win that gamble.