OB on Fitzpatrick; Keenum ahead of Savage

OB on Fitzpatrick; Keenum ahead of Savage
August 17, 2014, 3:30 pm
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Ryan Fitzpatrick came back into Saturday night’s 32-7 win over the Falcons to run the two-minute offense at the end of the first half and looked good.

He led the team down the field and threw a touchdown pass to DeVier Posey in the back of the end zone. Head coach Bill O’Brien was happy with what he saw.

“He did a good job,” O’Brien said on Sunday. “I felt like that’s the way he has to play for us. I felt like he played smart, he was comfortable.”

Because the Texans had all three timeouts on that drive, Fitzpatrick was able to check down some throws and not have to worry about going deep or throwing the ball toward the sideline to stop the clock. O’Brien said Fitzpatrick showed an understanding of the situation on that drive.

“We’ve all got improvement to make, myself, him, (QB coach George) Godsey, everybody. But I felt like he took a big step, especially relative to how he played the week before,” O’Brien said. “He took a step in the right direction yesterday.”

Fitzpatrick also ran twice for 25 yards and O’Brien was happy with those two runs.

“I thought it was good,” O’Brien said. “I thought those were good decisions. He was decisive about it. It was kind of like a parting of the Red Sea and it opened up for him. And I think on both of those he gained more than 10 yards and it was good for our team.”

Fitzpatrick didn’t know he was going to come back into the game toward the end of the second quarter. But Tom Savage didn’t know he was going to come into the game to relieve Savage in the first half. O’Brien wanted to toss him into that situation and see how he did.

Savage ran the offense well, one reporter said during a question.

“Whose opinion was that?” O’Brien said. “Your opinion? It was OK.”

O’Brien said for a rookie, in a home game, in that situation, Savage did a “decent” job managing the offense and being able to communicate with his teammates.

But Savage is still “a little bit behind” Keenum in the backup competition.

“I think that Case (Keenum) went in there and did a good job, for the most part,” O’Brien said. “Sometimes he’s got to learn to get rid of the ball quicker and things like that but I felt like he moved the team and that was good to see.”

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