O’Brien on preseason loss: ‘It was bad football’

O’Brien on preseason loss: ‘It was bad football’
August 9, 2014, 11:30 pm
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So much for a new era of Texans football.

On Saturday night, the 2014 Texans looked like they were in 2013 midseason form. The offense couldn’t get anything going; the defense couldn’t stop anyone; and dumb penalties were aplenty.

After the game, first-year head coach Bill O’Brien said it all starts with him and his coaching staff. He said they need to do a better job of coaching the players.

“I told the team that we're all in it together,” O’Brien told reporters in Arizona. “It's the first preseason game. There's nowhere to go but up from where we are right there tonight. Too many penalties and turnovers, couldn't get off the field on third down, couldn't get a kickoff return past the 15-yard line. It was bad football. We're going to go back to work when we get back there tonight. We'll get back to work and we've got a big week coming up here with Atlanta coming in. We're looking forward to that.”

The Texans had 172 yards of total offense but had 13 penalties for 126 yards. One of the penalties was a delay of game on the first play of the second half. Another was a too-many-men penalty on an extra point.

“It's terrible,” O’Brien said. “You can't get penalized like that.”

The Texans haven’t won a game since Sept. 15 of last season.

“I don't think we played very well,” J.J. Watt said. “Obviously, we had a lot of penalties. We gave up a lot of points and didn't score a lot of points. We'll look at the film and we'll learn from it. It's the first preseason game, so there's a long way to go.”

Starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was 6-for-14 for 55 yards. He threw two interceptions and had a passer rating of 14.6. O’Brien said Fitzpatrick and most of the first-team offense stayed in the game for the entire first half because they didn’t get many offensive plays off early in the game. O’Brien made sure not to blame the starting QB after the game.
“It's a team effort,” O’Brien said. “Nobody played well on offense. It wasn't this guy, that guy. Nobody coached well on offense. We just have to do a much better job as coaches and get the players to execute better but nobody had a good night on the offensive side of the ball.”

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