By the Numbers: Keenum’s shocking sack stats

By the Numbers: Keenum’s shocking sack stats
January 8, 2014, 2:00 pm
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One of the lasting images for the Texans’ disastrous 2013 season will be Case Keenum’s running the wrong way.

What once made Keenum look like a potentially dynamic player also made him very ineffective at times. Keenum’s ability to get away from pressure and create plays worked on occasion but when it didn’t, he lost a ton of yardage.

And that’s not just some memory distorted by the disastrous season. Here are the numbers to prove it:

Keenum was sacked 19 times in 2013 and lost 201 yards. He became the second player in NFL history to lose 200-plus yards on 20 or fewer sacks in a season. The other was Ken Stabler, who did it twice in the 70s.

Keenum lost, on average, 10.58 yards per sack. That was by far the highest number of any quarterback with 200 passing attempts in 2013. By comparison, Matt Schaub was sacked 21 times for 162 yards, for a 7.7 yards-lost-per-sack average.

Among the 37 other quarterback who threw 200-plus passes in 2013, the average loss per sack was 6.58 yards. Keenum lost four yards more than that per sack! The next closest player on that list of 38 quarterbacks was Matt McGloin, who lost 8.83 yards per sack, but he was sacked only six times. After that, Cam Newton comes in at 7.81.

This last stat isn’t completely related to Keenum’s sack numbers, although they certainly played a role. Keenum started eight games for the Texans and lost all eight of them despite putting up decent numbers.

If Keenum never starts an NFL game again, which isn’t completely impossible, he would go down as the only player since the merger to throw for over 1,700 yards without getting a win.